Mazda BT 50_ Dual Cab+ Flat Top- Auto Actuation and locking

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Mazda BT 50_ Dual Cab+ Flat Top- Auto Actuation and locking

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For Dual Cabs with sports bars



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For Dual Cabs with sports bars Great additional features that make this our best seller for your new ute. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWnpdVFg4Gc NEW!!! -easy quickrelease hinges - Light weight Auto actuated and lock system - FRP lids are repairable ,top the Tailgate from being Opened No Locks required. - Allows Partial overheight loads. - Failsafe over-ride - VERY SECURE no wire to release mounting lock - Low Pressure Unit -most succesful in the market. -Great Harmonic action. -Hi Impact resistance-doesnt split and better temperature resistance. (doesnt grow with heat like plastic lids) -Vac infused frp -strong and lite(18kg only) -Stiff and strong (try standing on a Plastic lid when hot and see what happens?) -3 pce hard cover to fit OEM bars -Fully Carpeted underside with sound deadening carpet - stainless fittings -beautifully styled" Next Gen" Flat Top lids --No obtrusive Handles- its been designed out!!

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