Sustainability Policy

The Progress Industrial Spray Group focuses on two goals:

1. Applying high appearance and durable coatings to products, to extend the maximum service life thereby reducing the need to replace. This is achieved by wet spray of High solids and waterbased Paints  and Electrostatic powdercoating with Low waste applications.

  • It does this by using the very best materials from ISO accredited suppliers which have been verified and tested to achieve this goal for UV  and durability . " DO ONCE DO WELL"
  • All main coating materials used by Progress Industrial Spray Group are listed on the IMDS international database, which verify raw materials used for toxicity exclusions in various Markets. It is our policy to use the lowest OEL materials relative to their performance to minimise our employee exposure as well as to achieve our sustainability goals.
  • Progress also reduces its waste in the powdercoatings by electrostatic transfer efficiency, re using powder  using its auto applicators and recovery systems ,maintaining its capability within the product specification so as to obtain 98% first time by target goals and setting its appearance standards within its capability to avoid rework.
  • It gets maximum life of product by effective pre-treatment and correct film builds within specification . All waste is segregated recycled where possible and is under strict SE water trade waste licence.

2. Producing high strength, low weight  LONG LASTING Flat Top hard covers that are repairable and coated with our superior coating technology. Both Wet Spray and POWDER ARE USED

  • The aerodynamic improvements and low weight contribute towards lower vehicle fuel consumption by up to 15% and vehicle emissions. Flat Top also buy back and refurbish old Hard Covers for re sale . Its vac infusion processes have been refined and are world benchmark weight targeted.
  • Progress Industrial Spray Runs and  ISO 9001 quality system geared around customer satisfaction  and is externally audited to measure and achieve these goals.

For details about our sustainability program, contact us.

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