Pro-Cote Warranty

Pro-Cote guarantee the performance of its coatings for 7 years from painting date or to match window manufacturers warranty period whichever is the least under normal usage and exposure against UV fade more than 20%. There are no current Australian wet spray paint standards that apply to painting of uPVC profiles.

This warranty excludes:

  • Damage incurred in transit or on site, chipping. Acceptance is ex our factory. 

  • Damage or failure due to exposure to window alkali /acid washes (Mild soapy water wash advised). 

  • Any paint splitting at the weld seam in case of part failure itself. 

  • Damage or adhesion loss due to adhesive tape being attached to the paint surface. 

  • Power washing on edges. Progress do not paint black or dark colour windows.

  • Extreme colours are painted on request otherwise. 

  • Unqualified uPVC material that has not been tested by Progress Spray (please check with Progress beforehand). 

  • Any consequential damages.

Progress Standard terms and conditions strictly apply. The liability extends to the services provided only parts should be returned and Progress will repair frame painting. Customers are deemed to have read our terms and conditions of sale when placing orders with us and opening commercial accounts

For more information about our Pro-Cote warranty, please contact us.

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