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Nothing finishes off the look of a ute like a well-fitting , Nice Looking hard ute cover. You Can insist on your Flat Topm being fitted to Your New Ute.! 

Flat Top have a long history of making ute lids in the Australian market, the technology originally used has evolved towards the current vacuum infusion technology used today. Alternative  OEM Plastic Lids do not give the same level Support Strength as composite honeycomb material. 

Our Australian Made ute lids are made in Victoria where we can control the process quality necessary to give a long life performance and stand the harsh Aussie environment. Some of our First Hard Lids are still in use to this very day! Sustainability equates to Long Life Products whichever way you measure it, less energy and materials all around!


We use the latest  Vacuum infusion technology to make all our ute lids locally, under our ISO9001 QA program.No other aftermarket manufacturer has this level of qualty ,although they do talk about it??

Reliability in the field, high strength   and rigidity with  a great finish are our hallmarks, so important for every Flat Top ute lid. Each ute hard cover is molded to fit your ute perfectly, using our composite infused  structural designs ensure your Flat Top ute lid is lightweight, well finished and looking just great! We have a national network of expert fitters in the main city metro areas. So no matter where you are, you can have your new ute hard cover fitted by an expert. This way we control the quality right to the point of use!


Your Flat Top Hard Covers are a premium painted product with a unique advanced composite design for high quality, light weight and a lasting finish. Flat Top products are warranted for 3 years against faulty manufacture and built to last. So, if you are unsure of how to make sure that you have the finest ute hard lids, Just insist on a Flat Top product even when you purchase your next NEW Ute. “INSIST” on Flat Top by name with your Dealer! and you can bundle with your finance pack .(you will get the song and dance about genuine only but you have to sit through it)  Insist that You only want the best and latest Flat Top products.



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